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Our conditions in tunisia


A mix of African, Arabic and French cultures thetunisian people are friendly and welcoming. Tunisia is one of the bestvalue destinations in the Mediterranean.
The climate is mild, thetrees always green and the oranges ripen in sunshine throughout theyear. Golden sandy beaches stretch for some 800 miles along Tunisia\'sMediterranean coastline.

Traffic information

Seat belts are compulsory.
Speed limits are:
.50 Km/h in built up areas
.90 Km/h outside built up areas
.110 Km/h on the motorway
Fuel stations can be found all over Tunisia(premium, un-leaded premium,diesel), they are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day .
Credit cards is not accepted in all fuel stations .


in case of police controle you must show:
The car papers (car documents,MOT, insurance, sticker, exploitation card)
Your license (international and national) Car rental documents

Accident information

The renter must inform the rental car company of anyaccident within 48 hours.There is accident report form in the car, itshould be filled in by all parties.